This is a dangerous time of year for the frozen northerner, gifts will be plentiful and will come in all shapes and sizes, with every present being gratefully accepted. However, there is one area where there is cause for concern and that is in the underwear department. The frozen northerner is now 60 plus, so when it comes to buying or receiving underwear the age thing has to be taken into consideration. I am fairly certain that I do not look like David Gandy (which my wife tells me is slightly disappointing) so buying me briefs or budgie smugglers is completely out of the question. Men of my age should always wear boxer shorts, except of course when you are still participating in some type of physical activity, which hopefully you still are. Just because you are 60 does not mean you can’t be fashionable, but a degree of common sense must be applied with regard to the underwear. When it comes to boxers, keep it simple and buy plain white, if you feel the urge to have something with a bit of colour, then possibly light blue or pink but nothing else, no names on the waistband, no stripes or patterns and certainly no Christmas trees or Newcastle United logos, remember it is the festive season not the silly season. So where is one going to purchase these items of clothing, well, as with most clothing items it is all about what you can afford, if you are on a budget like me, then it will boil down to 2 companies Sunspel and Marks and Spencer. The internet is probably your best bet for Sunspel underwear, as it is bloody hard to find in the north east of England but please correct me if I am wrong. Marks and Spencer is easier, as they have many stores throughout the north east. For value M&S cannot be beat however, if you are feeling flush do try Sunspel because they are very good and are extremely comfortable. So the choice is yours, keep it simple and stick to plain white and if you are doubting my advice, think of that man in the southern comfort ad, that could be you wandering the house getting ready to go out, not a pretty sight at any time.