Can somebody please explain to me what on earth these are?

The Nike Magista

Kids, or shall I say kids’ parents are buying these in their droves, retailing at £120 you have got to be mentally insane to buy these for your child. You would never play football in these monstrosities and they are certainly not a fashion item, so why would you purchase them? Well, like most things advertised the kids will see players like Neymar or Christiano Ronaldo wearing them, so they must be good and perhaps they will make us play like them. Wrong! Nike the company responsible for making these eyesores, along with a lot of other multinational business that now own the majority of all major sporting goods enterprises, have gone publicity mad and are exploiting the market to saturation point. Nike was once a company that built its reputation on producing a great track shoe; this has not been the case for a very long time now. This company has lost its soul as well as its credibility; it is now all about the mighty dollar and nothing else. When Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman started the company up in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports, they traded out of the back of Knight’s automobile. Both men were ambitious and visionary; however, the company they built has nothing to do with sport anymore and is more about greed. Nike should have stuck to the track and field market as they originally intended, but as their appetite to outdo Adidas took over, which has led to the disappearance of any moral and ethical values. Steve Prefontaine must turning in his grave. SWOOSH.



TheFrozenNortherner is an opportunity for me to air my views on subjects that I like but also things that frustrate and annoy me; I am not a journalist and have no experience of writing any type of article on any subject. Most blogs that I read are very good and they mostly involve clothes, music, film, literature and sport in no particular order. Therefore these are the subjects I would like to discuss and debate.

Globalization has made has made all of these topics readily available through the internet and in general it is my opinion that this has made people lazy. I now find myself faced by the Playstation generation at every turn and it is not some that I am embracing easily. The younger age group can barely get of their room never mind do something constructive whereas the 30 to 45 age band are lying on the couch watching Sky Sports listening to people like Jim White talking utter garbage on the hour every hour.

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The Shape of Sport to come the dreaded Playstation (Scary!)

This commercialism frenzy is driving me insane; it dictates what people wear, what they eat, what they drink, what they listen and which sport they watch. It is draining the life of my body, is this, the direction we want to go, god I hope not. Hopefully this blog will provide you with some insight to things that I care about and raise some questions.