Mr. President

In Blog Notes 35 I posed the question, would you vote this man? The answer as the polls have shown, is yes. My esteemed former history teacher the illustrious “Taffy” Williams once informed myself and a room full of my classmates, that to succeed as a politician was not to tell small lies but to tell the biggest whoopers possible. Please step forward one Donald John Trump president elect for the United States of America, Mr Trump has said some pretty outrageous things and whether you like or not you like him, he has hit a nerve with American public, throughout his campaign Trump has taken some huge risks and gambles, so can he now deliver on some of these outrageous promises, it doesn’t matter now because, he is the man holding all of the aces. Most politicians saw Trump as a maverick candidate who sooner or later would beaten by a more viable politician who had a real background of what goes on Capitol Hill, one by one they fell by the wayside leaving only Hilary Rodham Clinton standing between him and the seat in the oval office. Despite the fact that Hilary was despised by the vast majority of Americans, she and her troops believed the views of most analysts who had her ahead in the polls assuring her of victory. It might be nice to cosy up to Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi but that ain’t going to win you elections anymore, people want change, real change and that is why they have voted Trump in. His victory has left both The Republicans and the Democrats at a complete loss as to why the American public would want to see Trump in power but that to me, just like the politicians in Great Britain goes to show just how much they, the politicians are out of touch with man and woman on the street. Will Trump deliver on the promises he built his campaign on, only time will tell. Trump’s victory has been met with widespread horror in many quarters not just in America but worldwide with nobody quite sure what is going to happen. Trump’s triumph along with Brexit has shown that things are going to have to change and that people at the bottom of ladder want a chance, Trump may or not be the answer but then again who is.