It’s Valentine’s Day and as a man, the frozen northerner will be required to do something special for his wife, it may involve sending her flowers, taking her out for a nice meal at somewhere extravagant and expensive or, may involve staying at home and showing off my culinary skills and actually cooking for her, the list is endless but Valentine’s day demands that you show a little bit of imagination if you are to keep the flame alive between you and your partner. If going out in public the lady in your life she will not want to be embarrassed by your slovenly appearance or your overall indifference to the occasion so remember get a haircut have a shave and try to dress smartly, these things matter to most women, so don’t spoil her evening by wearing a boiler suit and smelling of motor oil. Most males take very little interest in good grooming products, this a mistake, even if I am nearly 61 I still try to look smart, use good accessories and wear decent aftershaves. Men of my age will hopefully still want to use something that smells fairly pleasant, which is acceptable to her nose, so that she is not overcome by the smell coming off you, I am not talking Brut here, you want her to think you that have made an effort which means smelling of something that doesn’t repel her. Hopefully you will have matured into a person that uses a decent cologne or aftershave. When it comes to smelling good there is huge range of products that are available and it can be somewhat of a minefield to wade through. The frozen northerner only ever uses 3 products when it comes to aftershaves and over the last 10 years has rarely wandered off these tried and tested fragrances which are Czech and Speake No 88, Aqua Di Palma Colonia and Christian Dior’s Eau Savage. These item are not cheap but believe me are well worth the money, now I could prattle on about what is in these aftershaves in an attempt to give you the impression that I am expert on this subject, I am not, the answer is simple they all just smell great. Which is the best of the three, I have absolutely no idea, but you really need to invest in one these products if you going to have any chance of impressing her on this romantic occasion. You may be getting old but you are not yet dead so have a bit pride in your appearance, smell nice and make a fuss of her and remember nothing puts a woman off more than some smelly old man.