Fumagalli Swimwear

The Frozen Northerner has just recently celebrated his 63rd birthday, whilst not being particularly overjoyed at the years passing away rather too quickly. I have decided to embrace this event in a positive manner; therefore, the quest goes on to improve the sartorial elegance of the north eastern male, bringing us to that seasonal problem, swimwear.

This somewhat tricky subject cannot be masked by you strolling along the beach in a rather small pair of budgie smugglers, you may believe you look like David Gandy, but, if you are sporting a bit of a Geordie paunch after slightly overindulging in joys of Newcastle nightlife then you are going need something a tad more flattering.

So where to start, if your budget is somewhere between £20-£30 and you see yourself as the next Michael Phelps then look no further than Arena swimwear, who have  dazzling array of products suitable for the swimming/triathlete type that will enhance anybody that has a rather more sculpted figure than the average male.

Arena or maybe Speedo represent superb value, but I suspect you may be drawn to something designer orientated and this where things can get ugly, are you really going to pay over £300 for a pair of swim shorts?  The only lunatics likely to pay these prices are premier league players who are only buying them because they are expensive, so they must good, or bandits like disgraced businessman Philip Green who is always going to look like a slob no matter what he wears, so let’s be realistic.

What do I like, Hartford or Frescobol Carioca immediately spring to mind as well as Ralph Lauren’s range, but for me this summer The Frozen Northerner is going to be sporting swimwear by Fumagalli 1891.

Why have chosen them? Is it because I am obsessed by all things Italian, probably, but that is just who I am. Fumagalli 1891 have been around for a long time, producing a fine selection of ties, pocket squares and swimwear.  I discovered the company through The Rake magazine which, is now selling some really fabulous products. Based in Como, northern Italy Fumagalli 1891 are another Italian artisan family that need to be more recognised. So this summer push the boat and purchase at least a couple of pairs of these swim shorts, they will not make you look like Agnelli at the helm of the Agneta but, that is never going to stop me trying.


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