Boglioi “K” Jacket

In blog notes 55 I highlighted the delights of wearing the J Kedge slack jacket, much to my shock and horror this wonderful jacket did not meet with the all-round approval that I thought it deserved. I was disappointed, certainly, but this has only heightened my resolve to find the perfect summer jacket.

This 2 year odyssey to find something that is possibly better than the J Kedge gem has led me to Italian maestros, Boglioli and their signature “K” jacket. Although Boglioli may be not as well-known as other Italian brands, this family ran company has built up a sound reputation by producing lightweight tailoring of the highest order, based in Brescia, Northern Italy, Boglioli have stayed true to their roots and the “K” jacket is just another fine example of their attention to detail. Cut from cotton twill and featuring an unlined body, this is a serious jacket that should take you to next level in the sartorial stakes. This jacket may not prevail in Whitley Bay or Tynemouth but if you on the streets of Taormina, or Montecatini this summer you may catch The Frozen Northerner strolling the streets pretending to Giancarlo Antognoni in his prime.

The “K” jacket is a summer essential that must be purchased at all costs but therein lies the problem, where to buy it, The Frozen Northerner found his on his last jaunt to Sicily but expecting you to travel halfway across Europe for a jacket is highly unreasonable, so, your best bet is probably Trunk Clothiers which is based in Marylebone, London. I don’t know of anyone else that stock Boglioli but please correct me if know of other places that stock Boglioli. Summer is coming but it will be so much better if you are sporting the “K” jacket.


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