Pocket Squares

Georgina Von Etzdorf

What does a pocket square say about a man, is he wearing it to look a bit rakish or is wearing for the sole purpose of brightening up a rather drab suit or sports jacket, maybe he is hinting that bubbling under the surface lies a man who thinks that the addition of a boldly patterned pocket will allow him to look a little bit more suave, whilst attempting to cut a more dashing figure. Why are they so popular I have no idea, although, I suspect they are worn in a vain effort to make one standout from the crowd. Pocket squares are everywhere and are worn with style and panache by everyone from fictitious characters like James Bond and Don Draper) to original style warriors such David Niven or Frank Sinatra (sadly I am not seeing to many being sported by gentlemen from the north east of England. Normally made from silk, linen or light weight cotton, a pocket square belongs in the top pocket of a smart jacket; it is not a handkerchief and is there only for show, so please keep it well away from those nasal passages. They come in vast array of colours and may either plain or patterned and can be folded in a range of various shapes. As I have pointed in previous blogs the Italian and French male revel in sporting this type of clothing accessory whereas the English tend adopt a more conservative approach, so where do we purchase these decorative items, they can found anywhere from Marks and Spencer to Turnbull and Asser and like any item of clothing being discussed by The Frozen Northerner which one you chose is all about the amount disposable cash you have in your pocket. There are some real beauties out there by companies such as Drakes, Rubinacci, Calabrese 1924, Exquisite Trimmings hell, if even The Shoe Snob is getting in on the act, all of these firms make outstanding products but The Frozen Northerner’s personal favourite is Georgina Von Etzdorf, who once upon a time made a dazzling array of pocket squares. Unfortunately this noted textile designer has not produced pocket squares for a number of years which is hugely disappointing; you may find the odd one on E-Bay or maybe Etsy, but good luck with that one. No matter which one you select chose it carefully and it should enhance your ensemble, showing that given the right opportunity, you are always trying to become a little bit more stylish.

Calabrese 1924
Exquisite Trimmings

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