The Frozen Northerner has been a bit lazy over the festive period and it is high time I got back in the groove, so where to start. It is well documented that The Frozen Northerner is only really comfortable wearing button down collared shirts, (mainly Brooks Brothers). The Americans are extremely comfortable wearing this type of shirt either with or without a suit; the English and certainly the Italians tend to regard the wearing of a button down shirt with a suit as a bit of sartorial misdemeanour. As I rarely wear a suit this not really an issue for me but, there are certain occasions that demand that I  wear a suit so I will normally wear a shirt with a forward point or spread collar rather than one my beloved button downs. With regard to shirting if you are looking for something little bit on the expensive side you should go to a great heritage brand like Turnbull and Asser who have fabulous shop on Jermyn Street or amble further along to the current darling of shirt making, Emma Willis, alternatively you may be into Italian labels then perhaps something by Marol or Fray. Although all of the aforementioned brands are superb and would be a worthy addition to anyone’s wardrobe the truth is that The Frozen Northerner simply cannot afford to shop at any of these outstanding establishments. Fear not, if like me you are constantly working on budget then look no further than these three excellent establishments, Hawes and Curtis, T.M. Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt, all three companies make formal shirts to a high standard offering extraordinary value for money. Which one is the best is hard to say but, having tried all three brands I have to say that I personally prefer Hawes and Curtis to the two other brands, which is not to cast aspersions on the Lewin and Tyrwhitt brands which are both very good. Unlike T.M. Lewin, Hawes and Curtis and Charles Tyrwhitt do not have a stores in Newcastle which is a huge disappointment; I firmly believe that these they would benefit from having shops in the north east of England but like a lot of companies based in London it would appear that opening a in this part of country is a bad idea which is pity as I am sure that they would both prove to be very successful, T M Lewin do have a shop in Newcastle that does well so it is pretty much a no brainer that the other two should follow suit. Everyone keeps telling me to dress smartly, so come you two help the Geordie male improve his attire and open a couple of shops up here.

Turnbull Ans Asser “Peerless”
Emma Willis

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