Crockett and Jones “Cavendish” Loafer
Crockett and Jones “Cavendish” Loafer


With shops in London, Paris and New York Crockett and Jones are long established English shoemakers that produce high quality Goodyear welted shoes for people who care about what they wear on their feet. Competing in the highly competitive footwear market they have managed to stay ahead of the game by producing elegant and tasteful shoes that appeal to a wide audience including yours truly. The frozen northerner has been an avid fan of this talented shoemaker for over a decade, then as now the shop I usually visit is situated opposite Wilton’s restaurant on Jermyn Street, since I first ventured into this store they have for some unfathomable reason added a second shop on the same street which I find hard to comprehend. Never mind, on that first visit twelve years ago I had no idea what I was going to buy, as I was stunned by quality and choice on offer, one thing was sure, I wasn’t going to leave this place empty handed, settling on a excellent pair of “Grasmere” derbies I have to say they have proven to be a sound investment. These shoes have been worn endlessly and are still as good as new, therefore it should it should come as no surprise that over the last dozen years I have acquired numerous pairs of Crockett and Jones shoes. So what is the object of affection that I crave on this latest shopping pilgrimage, loafers, if you are an avid reader of this blog you will know that I have more than a slight fascination with loafers and in particular Bass Weejuns. For me to buy a pairs of loafers other than the famed Weejuns, is to stray from a road that has served me well for many a long summer (I do own a rather beautiful pair of Florsheim suede loafers but that a distraction that needs to discussed at a future date). However, Crockett and Jones have stolen my heart with their fabulous “Cavendish” loafer; although they stock them in various colours and materials, you have got to buy their tasselled dark brown calf skinned gems, boy are these beauties going to see some action this summer both at home and abroad. I have always believed that loafers are an American thing, best made by companies such as Bass, Alden, Rancourt and the previously mentioned Florsheim, but these C&J Northampton made loafers are as good as gets. Over the past couple of years I have probably neglected this outstanding shoemaker which is mistake that has to be rectified, so the next time you are strolling along Jermyn Street pop into both Crockett and Jones shops because at the moment they have outstanding products.


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