J Fitzpatrick GMTO “Roosevelt in Snuff Suede“ Wonderful!

Last year in June The Shoe Snob aka Justin Fitzpatrick started asking for donations to support his expanding shoe company, I saw this as a possible worrying way to try and help his business but nevertheless in time of trouble you have to do, what you have to do. Added to this Justin was not having the greatest of times on the domestic front and with all of these things going on, I seriously wondered how his company was going to continue and expand. I still continued to follow The Shoe Snob blog relentlessly but I was bit unsure where everything was going, whether he was cracking under the pressure, feeling the strain of running his business. Having bought my first pair of J Fitzpatrick shoes when he a small concession within Saville Row tailors Gieves and Hawkes I dutifully followed him to Timothy Everest in Brunton Place, Mayfair, although I have to say that the love affair that had started so brightly was starting to show signs of cracking, J Fitzpatrick shoes is now based at 16a Dufours Place in Soho, I have not visited his new shop and to be honest I was seriously questioning if I would ever purchase another pair of his shoes. However his latest collection of GMTO (group made to order shoes) is likely to bring back into the fold, his Blue Ridge button boots using a combination of leather and suede are a joy as are “Roosevelt” suede oxfords. When he makes shoes like these I genuinely believe he as good as anyone out within his price range, but beware the competition is ferocious and getting tougher, my admiration for Justin is strong and with shoes like these, he is hopefully right back at the top of his game.

J Fitzpatrick GMTO “Blue Ridge Button Boots”