J Kedge Slack Jacket
J. Kedge Slack Jacket

I bought a rather nice linen jacket in the middle of July but due to some problems that I have recently encountered I have, until now, been unable to review it. When I purchased this specific item of clothing the frozen northerner’s wife the Contessa Di La Proctero thought that her husband was having another major crisis, what is the cause of this month’s meltdown, apparently my new linen jacket. As usual the Contessa was looking at my summer attire with typical distain, happily informing me that I should clear my head and stop seeing myself as the north east’s answer to Pierce Brosnan. She may have a point of course, but whenever I am in Italy, the Italian male will strut his stuff wearing linen with such an effortless ease, it makes you want to be just as stylish so, I simply had to buy  linen jacket in a shallow attempt to try and compete (not a chance). So where to buy one and how much was I prepared to pay, high end retailers such as Richard James, Gieves &  Hawkes and Hardy Amies make some truly beautiful linen jackets but with their prices hedging around the £600 mark, those prices are just a little bit too rich for my blood. High street stores such as Marks and Spencer offer linen jackets starting at about £100 they offer very good value for money, the same can be said for the John Lewis jackets which are slightly more expensive, but this was no time for indecision so if I was going to do it right it would inevitably lead me to John Simons in Marylebone (British Rail are making a fortune off me). As noted in previous blogs I have a real problem with this shop as, once inside I am like a kid in a sweetshop, Mr Simons had a superb range linen jackets in various colours by the Paris based company J Keydge, predictably I bought one, a natural coloured cotton linen mix ivy slack jacket which cost £249 which was just little bit more than I wanted to pay but after listening to the great man waxing lyrical about the Kedge jacket it was all over. J Kedge and their slack jacket is something that is heavily influenced by Americana clothing, which is something that is worryingly starting to take over my life. The jacket is unbelievably comfortable, three buttoned with a lapel rolled to the middle button this little beauty is something that I am wearing constantly at moment, I don’t want to Pierce Brosnan but I would happily settle for looking razor sharp and slick like Jake Brigance who is always fighting for justice in some sweaty courtroom in Clanton, Mississippi, Jake may always under pressure to uphold the law, it matters of course but, not as much as staying ultra-cool in his linen jacket probably made by J Kedge.


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